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My practice revolves around mark-making through the dichotomy of unique and mass production, which I explore through the use of mix media and digital painting. Although each work has a potential uniqueness, I am also conscious that the sequence of paintings and marks is dictated by all that has gone before. The particularities of each new iteration attempts to renew the delicate union between repetition and uniqueness. I explore this hinterland, through strident artificial colours, painterly accidents and patterns often found in mass production. Because there is no differentiating factor contextually, between each work, this questions the purpose of naming an artwork and at what point one painting ends and the other begins. I’m also interested in exploring fluctuating conditions of ownership in the production and siting of my works, in both private and public settings. The visual relationship of the ‘individual’ versus the ‘collective’ is also integral to our social questioning both in real life and online. I grew up in a rural farming setting in Scotland, and now live in London, the striking difference of these two settings reminds me of how insignificant yet individual one can be. My work attempts to represent this ambiguous relationship.

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