My generation will be the first to observe the pixelated reflection of our entire existence online; digital addicts participating in virtual truths. An existence removed from the tactile experiences of my childhood in an isolated Scottish countryside. My practice explores this hinterland by deconstructing my relationship to my rural past, metropolis present and digital double. 


Although not directly referenced, my work sources influences from sci-fi film, social media, pop culture and artists such as: Warhol, Grosse, Guyton, LeWitt and Riley. I utilise visceral and tactile textures, intense fluorescence and acidic synthetics to explore the atypical and extraordinary in our lived context. I juxtapose paint with my use of printed media such as fabrics, tiles, rugs and most recently industrial metal prints. My approach to painting challenges perennial ideas of ego, authorship and originality. I take ownership over mass production by marking them with my own hand. The titles of my works such as ‘Unit 92449’ play on the bleak consumerism of barcodes and the seemingly infinite nature of production and consumption.

My works can be found in private collections internationally in Monaco, Scotland, Czech Republic, Australia, United States, Italy, England and more.