Artist Statement

Sourcing influences from film, social media and pop culture, the particularity of each painting attempts to renew the delicate union between expectation and reality. As digital addicts we are characters, representing and partaking in our own truths. My generation will be the first that can observe the pixeled reflection of their entire existence online. An existence juxtaposed against my tactile relationship with the Scottish countryside of my childhood. My paintings tries to challenge the transition between my rural past and digital present: a representation of the unreal, manifested through digital and analogue spaces.


I explore this by blurring the line between mixed media and digital printing. I explore this hinterland through strident artificial colours, gestural expressions, colour and digital printing. I view my work much like parents do their children, each work is birthed an individual; although one of billions that have come before, each one is unique.

My works can be found in private collections internationally in Monaco, Scotland, Czech Republic, Australia, United States, Italy, England and more.