Artist Statement

I try to distil socio-political and philosophical meaning from mark-making through the dichotomy of unique and mass production, to represent discussions around truth/deceit, real/unreal and reality/perception. Thoughts around these discussions have become prominent in recent years particularly due to social media and the influencers on those platforms and the weight their presence carries in representing 'truth'. The visual relationship of the ‘real’ versus ‘unreal’ is integral to our self-questioning both in life and online. I explore this by blurring the line between these terms by using mixed media and digital printing. The particularity of each new iteration attempts to renew the delicate union between repetition and uniqueness. I explore this hinterland through strident artificial colours, gestural expressions, colour and digital printing. I view my work much like parents do their children, each work is birthed an individual; although one of billions that have come before, each one is unique.

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